Foodbank ‘drop-off point’ basket now at your local Co-op

A food donation basket supplied by Trafford South Foodbank can now be found at the front of the Brooklands Co-op foodstore in Sale

You can put in anything you like so long as it is things that last a while, like cans and drinks, and just about everything else that is of use to someone.

We asked if any other Co-operative food stores are taking part and was told others had taken part.

With thousands of people needing food parcels more than ever before, due to the way this government treats people who are vulnerable, people even in work are finding themselves with no options but to use a foodbank, can you imagine that! slogging your heart out day in day out, and at the end of the week you have just about enough to keep the electric and gas running.

Next time you are in the Co-op at Brooklands (Stanley Mount/A56) why not pop in a tin of beans or something, anything going towards helping someone in desperate need, and very likely a child as we have heard recently hundreds of children in Trafford are going hungry and will truly appreciate your donation.

Donations can also be brought to the Timperley Methodist Church and other places around Trafford, you can find out more about the Trafford South Foodbank by clicking HERE

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