Turn Moss in Stretford will never be the same again if Trafford Council get there way!

Turn Moss playing fields holds special memories for many people in Trafford, it is also a bit of green belt that really does need to be protected, it is widely used by dog walkers, runners, football players and drone enthusiasts, many other groups also grace the playing fields.


Trafford Council is just about to change the landscape for ever! bringing with it Salford FC who will be training on state of the art football pitches and other training infrastructure will be built, the entire area will be closed off to the public with metallic fencing much like what you see around Trafford Athletic Club in Longford Park.

We are all for change here in Trafford, there is no wrong in upgrading things, or giving us all new facilities, however not on precious and ever dwindling green belt land, Turn Moss must be protected, the upgrades could be to make sure the fields are looked after better, get rid of the flooding problems, make a cycle path from Edge Lane all around or through, giving not only cyclists a new route but also runners and walkers, so long as the path is wide enough.

Residents on social media are completely against the proposed development on Turn Moss, and although we should embrace change, this should not have any impact on residents, and even more importantly to the wildlife, many bats hang out in the trees, foxes hang out around Turn Moss.

Turn Moss holds for many special memories, it has been playing fields for decades, and to take this away from them just for a football team that is not even from the borough is a step too far, and we ask Trafford Council to re-think its plans, to improve things for people which I am sure many people would agree would be the best way forward.

You can see more about the plans by clicking this LINK




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