Trafford’s young rowers win big in Warrington at the weekend

Under dreadful weather conditions at Warrington Rowing Club on Sunday 11th Feb the Trafford WJ14 and both WJ15 and J15 quads won winners medals in their respective races.

The Warrington Head is a time trial event along a 1.8km stretch of the Mersey around the Paddington Meadows. The teams were timed heading west to east against the current and then turned around and raced with the current over the same course.

Many squads decided that the conditions were to bad but nothing was going to stop the Trafford squad, during the course of the races we saw, strong gusts of wind, very choppy water, rain, sleet, hail, snow and some bright sunshine.

The WJ14 squad covered the there and back course in 16:49.9 just 2.9 seconds ahead of their Warrington counterparts, the WJ15 time was an impressive 15:34.1 and the J15 quad ducking just under 15 minutes at 14:59.2, just 10 seconds off the time of the University team from Chester.

Martin Chandler, Trafford Rowing Club Junior Head Coach said: ‘The determination the crews showed at Warrington was fantastic, especially with the conditions as they were. We are looking forward to the season ahead, hopefully with a little more sunshine.”

Unfortunately for the masters quad their race later in the day was called off meaning they weren’t given the opportunity to add to the medal tally.

The event made for great training for the Head of the Bridgewater hosted by Trafford Rowing Club on the 24th February. For more information about this event and Trafford Rowing club go to http://www.facebook.com/traffordrowing or http://www.traffordrowing.club

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