Has One Trafford lost the pothole battle?

Potholes are dangerous and need fixing as soon as one pops up, this winter without any doubts has been a bad one for those pesky holes.

Trafford Council managed to get £2m, much of that money was from the green bin tax, it was to fix our roads, however, many roads now need repairing and with the increase in cars on those roads, once fixed they re-open again soon after due to wear and tear.

We question whether One Trafford have been beaten this time around, they may well have lost the battle to fix our crumbling roads, as for reports, they cannot blame them now, I see hundreds of reports not just on social media but on websites that you can report potholes on.

The council has now planned to spend £14.4m on our roads in three years, even if this was true! would they be too far behind to do anything about our roads? winter is not over yet, more damage will be done, more potholes will re open up! or occur.

Park Road in Timperley is one of them roads that is on the political radar, everyone is getting involved, it is bad in areas, we see Trafford Lib Dems acting faster than anyone with this issue, Langdale Road in Sale is one of the most worn out roads I have been down, and expecting bigger potholes to open up.

Can the council get our roads fixed? is there any hope? can we trust in what the council or our councillors say? we shall see.


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