Man United new stadium true or false?

The debate about Manchester United dumping Old Trafford for a new 100,000 seater stadium is doing the rounds.

Old Trafford is the most iconic ground in the UK if not the world! it has lots of history, and memories, some good, some not so good, people have been coming to this same ground since they were a little boy or girl, and still in the same seat or stand as an adult.

Tottenham is currently building a stadium that is very special, it will still be around 15,000 short of Old Trafford’s capacity, but will look a million times better, have better facilities and of course have an NFL pitch underneath the football pitch, the first time ever a retractable pitch.

Arsenal have a state of the art stadium, although we are all used to it now, it still looks better than Old Trafford, despite the flops that play on it.

The Etihad, or Emptyhad as most United fans call it is a super stadium, a tad smaller than most, but check the facilities, they have another football ground for their other teams to play on with a stand, and an athletic track that has competition on and home to the Sale Harriers.

United are falling behind the times, they cannot do anything with the south stand which is what is causing the headaches at Old Trafford, it is the railway that is stopping any new stands to make it the same as the North stand and would increase capacity to a near 100,000 which the club could easily get for every game.

The club has said that they have over 200,000 members! how many season ticket holders are there? well add that to the figure and you can see even if United has a 200,000 seat stadium they would fill it such is the popularity of the club which is worldwide.

We have to ask why are the club buying up land all around the stadium? most believe they will announce a Spurs style situation where they level the current ground, and re building on the same grounds, this would help with die hards since it would be the same place.

If it is true and they do decide to level Old Trafford, where do they play? Etihad? too small, this is the only place near that has a good stadium with first class facilities, it will cause some City fans some issues, as it would United, so any decision must be taken with great care, if they go with plan A which is to move the railway, and have it go around the stand or underneath it, this will be much more costly.

Either way a consultation would have to be given out to fans to either option so no sweating just yet, however something is planned, and it is just time before the plan the club has will be published.


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