Earthquake magnitude 4.2 strikes South Wales

Earthquakes happen all the time here in the UK, many are just rumbles, however now and then we get some fairly big earthquakes today February 17th one has hit South Wales with a magnitude of 4.2.

The epicentre was 3km from a place called Clydach and the depth of the earthquake was 11km according to USGS.

People all over the UK felt a tremor even here in Manchester, although we did not detect anything.

BGS (British Geological Survey) has said the earthquake was 4.4 which is slightly more than USGS were saying, sometimes figures can change once all the data is in.

No reports have come in of any damage or injuries, just a huge amount of interest on social media with the hashtag earthquake and we guess many people a tad shocked in and around the epicentre.


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