Litter pick group pulls out of Sale Water Park and for good reason

Water park Wombles activities cease over Park bin dispute.

SWP north end pile 180113

The 250 Water park womble volunteers have collected over 600 sacks of litter from Sale Water park since starting litter picking in May 2016.

Unfortunately due to a dispute with Trafford Council over a bin in the Water park they have had to suspend their 2018 activities in the interests of safety and consideration for the volunteers.
The dispute centres around a bin that was at the top of the lake which has been removed, meaning that volunteers now have to carry loaded litter sacks over half a mile to the nearest bin.

Trafford Council have so far been unhelpful with this situation, which the litter pick group makes clear, we have contacted the council for comments.

Geoff Densham representing the Water park Wombles said: “We hope that common sense will prevail and Trafford Council can resolve the issue so that the Water park Wombles can continue our successful activities in 2018.

“Until a solution is found our activities will remain suspended.  It is unfair to expect volunteers to move collected sacks of litter over half a mile to other bins.”

The litter pick group also want it to be made clear that Peak Pursuits the owners of the water park have nothing to do with the dispute.


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