People came out in support of the ‘Save Turn Moss’ protest group today in Stretford

Well over two hundred people came out in support of the protest group ‘Save Turn Moss’ which included political councillors from both Trafford and Manchester councils.


Turn Moss is in good hands with so many people fighting to keep it development free, homes all around Turn Moss also object to the plans put forward by Trafford Council for new artificial football pitches, a training centre, and other facilities that will give Salford FC a new training HQ.

The council will push a head with plans no matter what, Turn Moss does need some life putting back in to it, drain the fields, get pitches 1 and 2 in a good state again, build a new training facility, with changing rooms for football teams.

Cycling should be high in the list of priorities with a path that goes from the car park to an existing path, this would also help walkers and runners so long as it was wide enough, we cannot see anything wrong with them plans, it would end all the protests.

Trafford though will bend over backwards for Gary Neville and his UA92 plans, its part of the deal, some say its a bribe! whatever the truth is, this development will go ahead, looking at recent council planning meetings, Labour councillors have gone behind the backs of residents wishes, HIMOR in Carrington is one of them!

Labour needs to vote ‘no’ to these plans, to say yes again would be a complete insult and will without question damage it’s already damaged reputation here in Trafford.


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