Man City knocked out of the FA Cup by Wigan

You could not imagine a team as big as Manchester City having difficulties with a team from a lower division, with star names, and a manager that is in a world of his own, who has won almost everything.

The first half was dominated by City, however Wigan frustrated them, they stuck to the game plan and it was working, City players could find no way through, and then it all turned sour, just before the first half was over City was down to 10 men as Delph got his marching orders for a tackle that looked more like a yellow than a red.

In the tunnel at half time Pep Guardiola could be seen getting very upset with the Wigan manager Paul Cook.

The second half started, nothing changed, City had all the play, they still could not find a way through a very good Wigan defence, with De Bruyne on the bench, it was only time before he came on, and so he did, and to good effect, it seemed City will now get that goal and end Wigan’s FA Cup dreams, it did not work out that way when Wigan striker Will Grigg broke away and scored on the 78th minute.

When he scored it was like everything stood still, and then the Wigan fans went crazy, the ground exploded, City were now in a serious situation, they continued to dominate however, they hit the Wigan defence hard, they stood up strong, City continued to attack, Wigan players now very tired holding on, gritting there teeth, the pain was too much, yet they continued, they wanted to win this game.

The scoreboard said 4 minutes of extra time, City went up a level, they did all they could, cross after cross, and even a clearance from a Wigan player looked like it was going in, that would have been cruel, Wigan still hanging on by a thread, the ref looking at his watch, the fans going crazy, the Wigan manager and other players and staff can hardly watch, whistles got louder as the ref still had not blown his whistle on 95 minutes, where was he getting this time from!

And then it ended, Wigan won 1-0, relief on all the Wigan players, sadly a pitch invasion was next, and cameras picked up a fan having some issues with Aguero who looked very upset with the man, it is expected police will be informed of this incident.

City fans were very upset, and some disorder could be seen with a small minority of well behaved Manchester City fans, who really should remember where they are in the league.


(Image: BBC Sport)


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