Metrolink all over the place today due to an overhead power fault

Metrolink are running services up to Castlefield from Altrincham due to a overhead power failure around the Deansgate area.

It has caused many passengers to end up walking off the trams as the electric supply ended, many of which had to walk alongside the train line to the next station.

As an update Metrolink has said “Due to an overhead line fault in the Deansgate Castlefield area services are currently operating Altrincham to Cornbrook only.

Tickets and Passes are being accepted on Northern Rail Services between Altrincham and Piccadilly and the 263 Bus Service between Altrincham and the City Centre. Tickets and passes are also being accepted on any Stagecoach Bus Service operating on Metrolink corridors only”

Speaking following recent Metrolink disruption, Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham said:

“I know that yesterday’s disruption on Metrolink severely inconvenienced many people across Greater Manchester. They deserve clear answers on why it happened and what can be done about it.

“For this reason, I called TfGM and Metrolink operator Keolis to an urgent meeting first thing this morning to discuss both rectifying the immediate disruption but also a plan to deal better with future service issues.

“Firstly, I asked that every possible step be taken to restore full operation across the network as quickly as possible. All lines are now back to normal and I am grateful for the work that had been done to make this possible.

“Secondly, I asked the operator and TfGM for an urgent report into the causes of yesterday’s problem so that lessons can be quickly learned and actions put in place to minimise the risk of this happening again. When I have that report, I will act on it and provide a full update of the steps being taken.

“Thirdly, I have called on both TfGM and the operator to strengthen the way that they respond to service problems when they arise.  We need much better and more timely communication with the public to let them know what is happening and what their travel options are.

“Fourthly, given how seriously yesterday’s disruption affected people’s plans, I have asked TfGM to look at providing compensation for travellers over and above the normal refunds.”


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