When a political candidate finally shows to everyone she has lost the plot

When you want to be a councillor of a political party, you need to go through a process, and if selected to stand, you need all the support you can get, yes! even from the media.

This May we have local elections, it will be dramatic this year, as it is so important we get this right, more important than at any other time.

Bucklow st Martins ward which contains Partington, and Carrington and a small part of Sale has currently three councillors, however in May as it is well known now, Karina Carter is stepping down, and heading towards Bolton and we wish her well.

The candidate is dare we say it, Adele New who has the advantage as she lives in the area, she will or should know the issues that matter for Partington, or should we say the Oak Road area, everything else is of her radar.

She has to represent all of Partington and the other areas mentioned, she needs to understand that working with partners is very important even those outside of the area, she has shown to everyone her true colours sending an email seen by N4T that a solicitor trained in Libel will have been licking his or her lips, it was shocking.

Will she have lost lots of credit for this? sure thing, and we are telling the people of Bucklow not to be voting for her! although this would be your choice, despite this if she did win, it is hoped that she could be that nice person she once was and accept help from all who wishes to help out from Bucklow and out of bucklow and we would work with her to make things better, if we all work together we can all achieve greater, brighter things.

We have told you about the current councillors, full of false promises and turning there backs on you, Bucklow and indeed Partington deserves better than this! it is crucial as these new housing developments are just around the corner, and no new infrastructure is planned for the area other than new apartments and other things that are needed.

The council has gone crazy, they are housing mad, nothing wrong with that of course, we need it, however to build houses and these big villages, it needs new roads, and facilities like shops and medical care, banks and I guess new mobile phone masts and broadband infrastructure.

We wish all the other candidates all the best in the local elections.



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