Amazon selling Chinese herbal patches that contain bone oil from an endangered animal

Amazon is a gigantic website that sells just about everything, and just about everyone has an account with them.

Screenshot 2018-02-21 at 12.57.22 AM

Sometimes though they get it wrong, which brings into question how much the company is checking on who and what people or companies are selling on there platform.

Today February 21st we found a pain relief patch on Amazon, having checked the ingredients it was a shock to see one of them being bone oil from an endangered species called ‘Sewellel’ which is the Mountain Beaver.

The exact wording from the supplier on amazon read:

  • This Product Extracts: The bone oil from the rare animal Sewellel lived in the Tibetan snow-covered plateau that’s above 4,500 meters, Combined with other Chinese traditional herbal medicine such as saffron, Snow Lotus Herb, Ligusticum Chuanxiong Hort, Dragon’s Blood, Cinnamon, Borneol etc.

Investigating further we can see an ingredient called ‘Dragon’s Blood’ which is used mostly in witchcraft!

The worst thing to note though is who the seller is aiming these pain relief patches to, all vulnerable people, many who are in constant pain and would try anything for some relief.

We are in no way saying this does not work, it may well do! however looking at the ingredients and that word ‘etc’ at the end might put some people off!

The seller offers 5 packets or 3 packets, for 5 you will pay £8.99 and for 3 it will be £5.99 and all writing on the packaging is in Chinese, you are asked to go to a website for instructions, although many people would presume to put the patch where the pain is.

Amazon has been contacted for comments.


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