Save Turn Moss group in full voice telling the council where to shove it!

Amazing turn out at Trafford Council HQ on Talbot Road tonight as members of the Facebook group gathered.

As an estimate we saw about between 100 and 150 people and three frogs! all together looking like a well drilled choir, with Nigel Woodcock doing the instructing, song after song, it was so loud, surely the Tories will see how much opposition their is and a period of thought is needed.

We understand contract negotiations have already been completed, giving Salford FC ten years at Turn Moss.

After speaking to people, they all agreed that ‘Trust’ is an issue with the council, this is what this is all about, had the Tories been trustworthy, it is thought most of the protesting would have not happened, this is really bad for the council, they have lost the trust of the people!

Our green belt needs to be protected, it is vital it is, the problem is and where the trust has been lost is that the Tories are building on just about every green bit of land we have.

We support the group, however also support new sporting infrastructure, although not on green belt land.


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