Will Trafford Labour offer an alternative budget plan?

One of the biggest council meetings take place tonight at the chambers at Trafford Council HQ in Stretford, it will see hundreds of protesters outside calling for the Tories to stop any developments on Turn Moss.

This meeting though will be about the budget proposals along with other things important to this borough.

Will Trafford Labour the official opposition take control for once and offer an alternative if asked? the Tories have always asked for this, and they are right! Labour have never given any alternatives to anything when asked.

This could be a leader issue, more than anything, the same guy who walked out half way through a meeting, hoping the stunt will have won people over, failed so badly, he does this again and adios to Labour chances of winning anything! it won’t matter about how good some of their councillors are.

We cannot say what Labour would do different in the budget, have they got a plan is the question? the only thing we can do is guess at this stage.

If for once they do have an alternative, then it is for the leader to announce this, and show everyone the plans, tell the leader of the Tory party that Labour’s plans are far more realistic than the fantasy one they invented.

The Lib Dems will also be fighting hard for Trafford people, often overlooked, they do an amazing job fighting for people, and have done great work getting potholes fixed in their target ward Timperley.

You can watch the meeting live by clicking this LINK


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