No cameras allowed at the Turn Moss public meeting

Trafford Council has tweeted that no cameras will be allowed at the public meeting which was due to take place at Hotel Football, but now has been transferred to Manchester United’s Old Trafford stadium on February 27th at 7pm.

Media and protesters alike are upset by the decision, we feel it is the decision of Manchester United and Trafford Council to stop any filming,  United will probably rightly claim that the public meeting is on private land, their land! and can do what it likes.

It would have been the same had it been kept at Hotel Football, any private land the owner can ask you to stop recording and worse! however had it been in a public place where it should have been held, no one can do anything, you can film, take pictures of most things legal.

United could and probably will scan you! expect this! so any spy cameras will flag up and if found could land you somewhere else other than the meeting, depends on what action the club take.

It won’t stop media from coming out with a full story =) it’s not an offence to carry a mobile, however as United are one of the most paranoid clubs around, I suspect the moment you lift your mobile up the alarm bells will ring,

Below is a list of things United allow and do not allow inside the stadium and expect this will apply to other parts of the ground, although this time no cameras will be allowed you can find this on the link HERE

We would like to add also that no one, not one councillor mentioned what was going on outside the council on Wednesday night, which although we know they stick to the script, is a bit shameful, since many residents will feel they had been ignored on the night.




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