Free Aikido Taster session on international Woman’s Day in Altrincham


Aikido is a very good and gentle martial art for both women and men, and we encourage all to come down to this free session in Altrincham on March 8th.

The instructor will be Sue and you are asked to arrive at Altrincham Leisure Centre by 7.20pm.

It does not matter how fit you are to start Aikido, it is very gentle, and soon you will see the benefits, as you gain in confidence and your fitness will improve as a result.

When some women hear the words Martial Arts they see fighting and probably what they have seen on the big screen, with Aikido, it is nothing like that, depending on the instructor, you will start with a gentle warm up and some basic stretching, then once done, your instructor will show some techniques, one by one so you  get to learn them.

In Aikido there are many techniques, so learning at your own pace is the best way forward, the instructor or other dan grades will let you bend their arms, the idea of this is so you learn faster and most importantly no one gets injured.

You will train on large cushioned mats so safety is further enhanced, all you need at the start is a t-shirt and some jog bottoms and as you progress, it is expected you will need a simple karate suit, they are cheap from Amazon and have all sizes.

So get down to Altrincham Leisure Centre and participate in one of the most amazing martial arts, getting yourself confident, fitter and able to look after yourself and others later down the line, and on this occasion for free!



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