One Trafford want to make all the residents happy! many though are just angry

We have heard nothing but complaints about the One Trafford Partnership, from day one they have had a hard time and rightly so, residents pay for services they are really not getting.

The call centre based in Liverpool gives a good service, although trying to understand a strong scouse accent can present problems, today one of its call handlers gave me more information than could have been ever expected.

Asking first about Sinderland Lane and how bad things are, he told me that One Trafford would only give a full resurface or even a part resurface when they have had enough complaints!  and even filling in holes no matter how deep or wide  was often hard to deal with due to a policy.

We asked to see this policy, however no more information was given.

One of the things that stuck in the mind was when this man told me that One Trafford are trying to keep all the residents happy, but cannot please everyone with regards to pothole fixing and resurfacing.

Some residents have complained about why some minor roads were not gritted today due to the amount of snow we have had, he tells me that today they had lots of calls about a road in Partington, that no one could understand why it had not been gritted, the guy in the gritter truck said that he had done that route three times today, and because of the amount of snow and how cold it was, the salt and sand was not doing anything.

We think that some roads will get priority over others more than gritters being in effective to deal with a slushy road or an icy path, this cannot be acceptable.

Fly tipping we have been told is currently very bad in Trafford, and was told they will try to get it sorted out and rely on people reporting incidents in, to be fair to One Trafford the big fly tip grot spots we were reporting, has been kept clear, and has been for a while.

One Trafford have we believe lost the plot with the roads, the job is simply to big for them, our roads will continue to crumble, and when it snows some roads will be left untreated or as One Trafford tells us, the grit does not work, the council needs to bring back the boroughs front line services and as soon as possible.



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