More snow and the untreated back roads has made things very slippy

The snow fell fairly heavy for around 20 minutes or so leaving Trafford looking very white indeed, despite the nice scenes, the side effects are slippy roads and pavements.

We can tell you at this time 4pm the top part of Walton Road is very slippy from Raglan Road towards Marsland Road.

Homelands Road is looking slippy also, many other back roads are in the same state, with residents complaining about gritting, we have to ask if the grit used is good enough to deal with what really is only snow showers.

One Trafford told us some back roads get gritted and some do not, it is priority routes that are delt with first, to keep Trafford moving, we feel little is done for the pedestrian, this has always been the case!

Eastway only a couple of years ago was like an ice skating rink, no grit had been thrown around in that area, same goes for Langdale Road, with the amount of grit stored it is unacceptable of the council to neglect all minor roads and pavements.

The priority must be safety surely? the good news is from Saturday we will see the mercury rise to around 6c and on Sunday a tad warmer, One Trafford must be counting the days, as this year, this spell of bad weather, they got found out!

The Tories will not bring our front line services, the power is in the residents hands to decide what they want in May!

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