100 confirmed cases of the dog disease Alabama rot in the UK

Alabama rot or ‘Cutaneous and Renal Glomerular Vasculopathy’ (CRGV) is a nasty dog disease that damages blood and kidney cells, it causes the blood to clot which leads to complications

The animal will start to get ulcers on its skin and infections, Alabama rot if not treated could prove fatal for your pet.

No one yet knows what causes Alabama rot and it can affect any dog or breed, age or size.

Sadly we are hearing reports that the second case of Alabama rot has hit in Trafford  this time only a few days ago in Altrincham, although not confirmed as yet it was Alabama rot that killed the animal, and we are now hearing two dogs have since died around the Sale area, although again nothing has yet been confirmed that they died of Alabama Rot however this is highly unusual and caution must be taken.

So what are the symptoms,  as stated above your dog will get ulcers and bad sores that could bleed, these sores are found on its paws or lower legs, however these sores can be found elsewhere.

The signs your dog has kidney issues when it looses its appetite, and becomes more tired, and vomits.

The advice is simple, if your dog has red sores more so around its lower legs and feet you must take it to the vet immediately.

It is a good thing to check your animal daily, the great news is, if it does catch this nasty disease early enough, it can be treated, so now is the time to keep a check on things.

Their is not known vaccination for this dog disease.

We suggest not to be in a panic about this, however to regularly check your animal would be the safest thing for your animal and peace of mind for you.







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