How well do you know your political councillors in Trafford

It crops up time and time again, with many people asking that simple question “Who the hell are these people who are to represent us”

We will say no one was singled out, and is completely random.

In this article we look at the Bucklow St Martins candidate Adele New who is standing for Trafford Labour in this years local elections, she will, if she wins, will be representing over 8000 residents and more to come as new housing developments are built around the Partington and Carrington area.

Her political ambitions started ‘we believe’ when the Oak Road playing fields group was formed, it was an impressive attempt to get the park ship-shape, the amount of rubbish they all removed was incredible, the group got funding and some new playground infrastructure was built, we praise all those including Adele for what they done.

It was not long before she ended up at a local rag called ‘The Transmitter’ it seems this publication has ceased for the time being, and is all online, it was some time later she became a Parish Council Councillor.

With the small amount of time we had talking with her, she came across as a very nice woman, with a secure background and seemingly all going well, it was out of the blue she shown her true colours, when she sent one of the most horrid emails anyone has ever sent, it was nothing but lies and a disgrace, something that should have helped end her time at the Parish Council and without question lowered her ranking score.

It proves to us that despite her charm, her love of god, the mask that she shows disguises her real self, who really should not be in a power position, with the slow progress Partington has made over the years, residents need to be mindful of who they are voting for, not just because she is a friend! but what she will do once she gets to be a political councillor.

Your area needs people who not only care, but has the ability to understand that not everyone sees it your way, and you will never keep all of the people happy all of the time, we feel she will fall apart at the seems, despite help from her other colleagues, it is an intense job and without doubts that right person needs to learn to keep his or her own opinions out of everything, more so an email where it will be kept and transmitted if need be.

Please take this moment to reflect ion what has been said, and take part in a survey which can be found HERE

We will be doing another candidate very soon….


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