Cruel Tories will try to cut free school meals on Tuesday affecting thousands of Children in the UK

The Tories are seen as calculating, many believe they have lost the plot and are going to far with the cuts, on Tuesday if they win all would be correct.

Labour managed to find a way to get a vote which will be held on Tuesday to try to stop the Tories from cutting free school meals.

If the Tories hang on, it would mean thousands of children in Trafford will no longer get a free school meal, if it was not already difficult for parents this will be incredibly cruel.

Many people are now having to use food banks, even if they work! it is a dreadful situation, the one thing these parents could be assured of at this time is that their child or children will get a nice meal at dinner time, it surely will have helped out, this could be taken away from them.

It is hoped Labour and other opposition get together and defeat the Tories on this one, if they do not, I can see a situation (and only predicting) where a food bank will be called in to offer something for the kids, some of these children do not have any breakfast, having no dinner and coming home hungry will make them all very unwell, and unable to concentrate.

What is more calculating is that they were trying to pass this through without anyone knowing, they have done this before on other issues! it is sneaky and cruel.

With local elections looming this will hit them hardest, they have blood on their hands with thousands of deaths due to cruel benefit cuts, and the bad way it treats disabled people in this country, now they are attacking our kids!

This is not new here in Trafford, we no longer have youth centres, kids have nothing to do, and so get involved in Anti Social Behaviour with others, making police work harder and even they are cut to the bone.

We will keep everyone up to date on what happens on Tuesday.



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