Washway Road Action Group goes to the next level trying to get the roads safer near to the Pelican Pub


Residents in Sale have been campaigning for the past couple of weeks to make Washway Road and surrounding roads safer with the help of Amy Whyte, Labour Councillor for Broadheath Ward.

Councillors Amy Whyte and Stephen Anstee along with one resident and the lead campaigner, Simon Burrows, of the “Washway Road Action Group” has had a meeting on the 6th of March with a representative from GMP and 2 members from One Trafford to help resolve the crisis of a road called “The Drive” which links up with Washway Road to find a solution of the difficult parking issue in this junction and the speed issues too.

During the meeting the council suggested a proposal to extend the island at the top of the drive between the two existing lanes and remove some of the kerb making the left lane left only and the planners requested time to gather costs on the proposal.

Although the meeting ended with proposed solutions that were relatively cheap and with the conclusion that access should be on the entire state from the drive through to Link Road only, Stephen Anstee made several statements that were not quite correct which made the group quite worried as he did not suggest any other real solution.

Tariq Butt, chief Inspector of Traffic within the police, said: “I would support your ideas of an access only, or play street idea. There is no GMP policy but after seeing pictures of the junction and reports back from a number of officers we had to start somewhere and this would be a good trial.”

The council initially blamed the police for the issues but a consultation was done ten years ago by the council which looked at making one of the entrances, most likely Link road either one way or blocking off completely. The idea was rejected by residents at the time and the council have known about this problem for many years and never acted on it.

Simon Burrows stated: “So far all we have had from the council is a larger Keep clear box that is ignored on a daily basis. Stephen Anstee states residents have asked him to make it safer and that is what he has done.”


(Contribution by Hanya Hesham)


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