Sinderland Lane now becoming much more dangerous for all road users

Sinderland Lane a long country lane that starts from Broadheath goes through Dunham and back in to Trafford when it meets with Covershaw Lane towards Partington.

Car usage has risen sharply, because of this all roads will wear out much faster, the recent cold spells have helped cause huge cracks in the roads and holes appear, and on Sindeland Lane there are many! and some so deep it could cause a serious incident.

Only tonight we watched a van go over a very deep pothole at the junction of Whitehouse Lane and Sinderland Lane West bound, and the noise it made told us that the van will have suffered some damage.

Cycling that way used to be much safer, it is no longer that way, always dodging and diverting with vehicles often using the lane as a speed test circuit, hit one of these potholes and say goodbye to your much-loved steed, and likely a trip to A&E.

It seems One Trafford have ignored pleas for the holes to be filled, we have consistently reported holes for weeks, and still the holes have not been sorted out, parts of the lane you can see the cobbles underneath.

This is irresponsible and could be putting life in danger, and claims will mount up for compensation as cars and vans are damaged, it would make more sense in these economic times to get these potholes sorted out, it seems the easiest most sensible solutions are something Trafford find hard to do.


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