MOD admits it sprayed chemicals over the south of England in the 60’s could it happen again?

It is widely known that the MOD (Ministry of defence) spayed the south of England from 1963 to 1974 with what they claimed was harmless micro organisms.

View the original document below:

DOC Secretary of State Briefing Memo Public Area CW BW Experiments May 1963

Ordinary people were not told about the experiment because no one wanted to embarrass the government at the time,

The trial was conducted to see what would happen and how they could defend against a biological attack, it is not known what the results were of the test was, how many people got ill from this test? it is something they are keeping to themselves, what long-term damage did it have on the environment is another good question and one we cannot answer.

With the biological attack down south only a few days ago, and increasingly biological weapons are becoming more sophisticated and easier to carry around, could the UK government be conducting further trials on the unsuspected public?

Many people claim that governments are using aircraft much as they did in 1963 to spray large parts of a country, they use names like ‘Chemtrails’ or ‘Geo-engineering’ whilst to the majority this is only a conspiracy since no real facts can back up any claims of aircraft spraying chemicals.

It does though raise a valid point, these white contrails do stick around much longer than they should do, we have seen videos of aircraft that looks to be spraying stuff, and cloud seeding is factual.

Logic tells us, even if these contrails are just exhaust fumes from the backs of these huge engines, and then turned into ice crystals, these will end up in normal cloud and will end up in rain water, even if the sky is clear, the ice crystals will not remain this way and will fall to earth in microscopic droplets.

The droplets will contain a number of toxic material, aluminium is one of them.

Whilst we cannot say any experiment is currently going on in the UK, with past secrecy and the way the current government behaves, nothing would surprise us.



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