Alabama rot causes and treatments podcast

With the recent cases of the dog disease Alabama Rot here in Trafford we decided to dig deeper than anyone else, we love our dogs, to some they are part of our family, we need to get to the bottom of what this disease is and how to stop it so our pets can roam around safely.

After many hours on this, reading all types of material, and listening to dog walkers, we believe that current thinking cannot be correct, people have been looking in the wrong places.

We have managed to get a full recording that may help solve the problems, it seems to us that dogs catching this disease do not get it from a park, a lake, or from fish to learn more about this and why we come to this conclusion please click this LINK

The podcast gives you more of an idea what is going on, it gives a clearer picture, added to all the research we have done, we believe now this disease is not caught in a park, a pond or a forest.

Draw your own conclusions, either way, we still suggest if your dog has started to get sores around its lower part of the body to take it immediately to a vet, do not be alarmed as it might simply be an infection, however for peace of mind it is wise to get the all clear.



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