New ratings good or bad for take away’s in Sale?

Sale has by far the most take away’s in Trafford, when you go out for a bite to eat either at dinner, tea or supper you would expect the establishment to be clean and generally safe to eat from.

Take away’s in Sale largely are safe to eat from, however now and then you get the odd one or two who are not for whatever reason that is, not doing what is expected.

We have compiled a list of recent ratings which is below and in order, the scores are between 0 and 5, so the lower it is the poorer the score, example a zero would be the worst and five the best:

  • Fresh 2 cook – rating 1
  • Park View – rating 1
  • Crispy Cod – rating 3
  • Dragon City – rating 3
  • Golden Bowl – rating 3
  • Lucky Cherry -rating 3
  • Spice of India – rating 3
  • Us Four – rating 3
  • Bread Station – rating 4
  • Xpress Pizza – rating 4
  • Dominoes Pizza – rating 5

Results of Canadian Charcoal Pit and Ellies Pizza have yet to be announced.

As you can see most got a 3 rating which is good enough for Environmental Health inspectors, although we expect they will be aiming for top spot next time, thus showing with pride their number 5 sticker on the windows.

A bad rating can come for simply not recording fridge temperatures, although from what we have seen in the past any establishment with 2 and below has other issues.

Food safety is of paramount importance and with the latest figures above we can say you are far safer to eat out in one of the most polluted areas in Trafford that is Sale.


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