Petition for a bypass from Altrincham to Sale to ease the traffic on the A56 has been created

A government petition to get the government to approve a bypass so to reduce the amount of traffic on the A56 from Altrincham to Sale has been created.

The petition created by resident Victor Ryder will need 100,000 signatures by 14th June this year for it to be heard in parliament.

The A56 which goes right through Trafford is one of the most polluted roads in Europe and has an estimated 35,000 vehicles on it every day, because of the increase in car usage on this road, pollution becomes a problem.

Details of where the bypass is proposed can be found on the link below to the original petition.

Often it smells like a petrol station, sometimes it gets so bad you can taste it! the amount of traffic on this road also causes problems on the back roads, car users will try to find a quicker way, the result as we have seen in recent times this causes further problems.

If you want cleaner air, faster journey times and ultimately less potholes from worn out roads, you would be doing everyone a favour by signing the official petition Here

If you have any issues with the link please click the direct link >>>> https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/207046


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  1. Hi,
    Many thanks for your support, the number of people who have signed the petition has increased significantly since this publication. I tried to interest the Messenger and MEN in the petition but to no avail.
    Again many thanks for your support.

    Victor Ryder
    ps- I only use Victoria for Friday nights out.


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