Residents on a Sale estate gets full support from GMP and a delayed response from the council

Campaigners from a Sale estate and from surrounding roads have got full support from Greater Manchester Police to get a section of road called ‘The Drive’ sorted out where people are turning right in the left hand lane, the left lane goes nicely on to Washway Road.

Residents and none residents must use the left side of ‘The Drive’ to go towards Sale Centre not use it to turn right towards Altrincham, which is what is happening, today GMP came out in force stopping drivers.

It seems though the people who really can get the changes are not playing ball, although councillors Amy Whyte and Stephen Anstee have both shown interest, the council has now come out with a plan of action and is welcomed by News4Trafford.

The process has now started according to documents we have seen, residents have to expect a process to happen, and this will take time, the issue it seems is with costing, who is going to pay for all these improvements? and rightly residents will feel that after the local elections in May, the council will go back to sleep, and may choose to do nothing, using this as a political point scoring match.

They have the right to know that improvements on ‘The Drive’ will be assured even after the local elections have taken place and that funding has been secured, further meetings are to take place.


It is correct in saying many (not all) residents more so those in protest groups do not trust the council.


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