Bottled water drinks found to be contaminated with micro plastics

A study has revealed that bottled water drinks are contaminated with micro plastics, could this also be the case for other drinks like Coke and Pepsi? and other drinks in plastic bottles?

The contamination was from the bottling process and the contamination was likely to be from the cap.

Plastics found inside the water bottles were double that found in normal tap water, however the World Health Organisation has come out and stated that there is no evidence to suggest people who drink bottled water was at risk.

The lids of bottles is made of a plastic called PET or polyethylene terephthalate and can be found on many other plastic bottles and even cartons, polypropylene was also found in the bottles of water from brands like Evian and Aqua.

The world needs to get a grip of all the plastics we have, the oceans even our rivers are full of micro plastics that stick around for decades, harming aquatic life.




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