Abandoned railway line will be brought back to life in Trafford

We have it known tonight for certain that the abandoned railway line from Cadishead to Timperley will be brought back to life, just it could be either the steam railway, Metrolink or a cycle path.

It became clear to us that having the line as a railway either steam or Metrolink will cause many issues, already we are told both HIMOR and LInden/Laurus homes who are creating just under 1.500 new homes in Carrington and Partington have rejected the idea.

People that live along the rail line in Partington and Broadheath will not be happy if any rail line is created, so a fence would be needed along the path to make sure it’s not intrusive.

Having the route as a cycle path for us would be the ideal plan, what an amazing route this would be for cyclists, even runners and walkers, it would not upset anyone and better for the environment, it is hoped HIMOR and Linden/Laurus homes agree with us and push for this route to be a well maintained safe cycle route.

Partington residents will benefit most from either a rail line or a cycle path, another way in and out of the area, something they need badly now, something they will be begging for once Manchester Road and surrounding roads are blocked in the next couple of years!

We have contacted Network Rail, HIMOR and Linden/Laurus homes for comments.

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  1. So the needs of the people who have lived in Partington for generations are to be ignored for the sake of profits for Himor and Linden Laurus homes and the new people they are bringing in! We need a railway. The road is not fit for purpose and they keep cutting the pathetic bus services.


    • Hi Maggie, people need to get down to the last round of consultations on April 17th at St Mary’s Church for the Linden/Laurus homes development, it is not too late for this to be abandoned, did you know they never even thought about that polypropylene extractor only yards behind the development? this bloody thing will cause big problems when it gets going, and they will never get rid of the contamination issues , as for the rail line if it does hold trains, it will only be steam trains, although suggestion that Metrolink may end up on the line is exciting and would benefit Partington, remember it will be a private railway, having it as a cycle path makes perfect sense, however we are getting excited either way.


  2. We have no decent transport links here in Partington or Carrington, refreshing the rail link would and could be perfect for us to get to work and socialising. People need to listen to the people of Partington rather than money making organisations such as the likes of HIMOR.
    I know a lot would maybe like a cycle path but i for one am not one of those people, we have beautiful walkway where myself and my husband walk our dogs around here and i would much prefer something to ease the congestion of the one big road we have in and out.


    • Hello Sam, as you are a Partington resident do you feel your councillors from Labour not the parish council have under represented you? are they there when needed? be interesting to hear what you have to say about this, the train line will be in use sometime next year, no idea yet what it will be, although the soundbites are growing stronger that it will be a cycle path, which would make many people happy and some not so, it be the same the other way around.


  3. Personally I think the railway would be a waste of time and money when for us Partington residents will only be able to get to either Caddishead or Timperley. They would then need to get further transport elsewhere. That would be a much more expensive way to get anywhere. We seriously need to stop any new builds until the road’s and local transport gets sorted. If you work in Sale for example you can go by car or bus. The problem for both is the volume of traffic now causes many holdups. In addition if for example you work until 6pm or later then you will have to get the bus to Altrincham then a bus to Partington. That can take anything up to an hour and a half. .. The same thing can be applied to most of the main work area’s. The tories need to take a long look at the problems we face daily. But because they have no votes in Partington they are simply not interested. I have lived here over 40 year’s and can’t remember the last time a Tory came to canvas the area… if they ever have


    • Hi, we have also heard that the train line could end up as another road! we will update people soon as we know more, the situation is changing all of the time, I can say for sure and for decades Partington residents have been under represented, the invisible brigade as they are known, and only pop their heads up when someone gives them some negative feedback,.


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