RAF is 100 years old in April and Trafford Veterans are holding a special event in Flixton

On Sunday 1st April, the RAF will be 100 years old, to mark the occasion cadets from 182 Squadron in Flixton will be cycling on static bikes the distance from RAF Lossimouth to RAF Oldham.


On the day there will be family activities at The John Alker Ex servicemen’s club in Flixton. Trafford Veterans will be running a breakfast event which is eggs and bacon. This was nicknamed  ‘dead man’s breakfast’ during World War 2, as it was fed to the flight crews who were not always expected to return.

There will also be hot cross buns on the menu as it is Easter Sunday too. on the day you will be able to get into a cockpit of a real RAF fighter aircraft!

Members of the RAF Association will be our special guests including 96-year-old Frank Tolley who served on the Lancaster Bombers during World War 2. A Distinguished Flying Cross belonging to a local family will also be on display.

Everyone is welcomed on the day, which is expected to be a very special occasion.

Address of the event is: John Alker Club (Flixton Ex-servicemen’s Association), Flixton Road, Flixton, M41 6QY.


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