Orange glow in the Trafford sky tonight explained

Reports came in to us about an orange glow in the sky over Trafford, many thinking it might be a fire or something even more insane.


We can tell you it was a company very close to where HIMOR are to build Future Carrington, it is way too close and I cannot see residents putting up with that thing going off like that, it is the same with the Linden/Laurus housing development although it is a little further out, it is way too close.

It looks like a gigantic bunsen burner on something that looks like a shuttle or Space X launch pad, it is often burning of things, polluting the environment as it does, however now and then the intensity goes higher and so the sky turns orange.

The plant is completely secure and safe, however at a distance, it is noted how hard it is to get to this site and no information about it can be found, we are told it is a polypropylene extractor, however it could be anything, possible a fuel, either way it is burning off something nasty.

Will this thing making pollution even worse cause both housing developments to end interest? did they even think about this company? and what it does? have they seen the glow yet? the stench it makes? all these things should have been put to developers at planning by those that represent Partington and Carrington residents who are in the firing line of not only this firm but others who without question despite assurances pollute the environment.

We have asked Linden/Laurus for comments, HIMOR cannot be contacted.



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