Changes to the Local Link service in Partington coming next month

Local Link bus service that helps Partington residents of all walks of life including disabled people will see some changes next month.

We are reliably told that the fleet of buses they have is being reduced, we contacted TFGM (Transport for Greater Manchester) and they ‘confirmed’ their was going to be changes in April, however stopped short of answering our question directly.

The bus service has had some problems in the past mostly communication issues from the call centre to the drivers, because of the communication issues, drivers were sent to the wrong pick up points, it seems those issues are a thing of the past.

Residents who value this vital service must have been glad to see the back of all the problems, only now to learn that the service is to change.

At this time TFGM are not telling us exactly what the changes are only to tell us that customers will get a letter next week sometime.


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