Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn visits Trafford

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has started its local election campaign in Stretford this morning.

A huge turnout was there to greet him at the sports centre in Stretford.

It was interesting when he said that he would bring back front line services, this must have put shivers up the One Trafford partnership as it has struggled with just about everything since they were given a huge contract here in Trafford.

He mentioned and rightly about how the kids and young adults are thinking these days when the Tories take away just about everything from them.

Corbyn has said he will tax the richest in society to give to public services, this could have a bad impact on these people, we agree the broadest shoulders should help out a little more, the one thing though Labour has to make sure it does not do, is for the richest in society to run off to another country.

Policing was on the agenda, the Tories making things very dangerous for just about everyone in the country, and now proven to lie about the fantasy figures that the prime minister gave about funding for the police service for 2018/19.

Interestingly Jeremy then commented that newspapers will be upset by what he had to say as everything now is online and this is where people read the news using mobile phones and tablets.

Would Trafford Labour do well here in Trafford if they got the keys to the council? it cannot be any worse than it is now even those that have voted for the Tories all their life are now sick of their own party.

The Trafford Labour leader Andrew Western gives incredible speeches whenever he is in the chambers of Trafford Town Hall and would make a good leader of the council if that’s what he wanted although we think his ‘walk out’ in a previous meeting may come to bite him, it was a badly organised stunt that did some damage to the party.

In this years local elections it is hoped that a change will happen, after all and even the most deluded in this borough can see the deterioration all around them as the Tories continue onward with their destructive nature.

If Trafford Labour do get the keys and it is looking likely, it will not be a bed of roses, cuts will still have to be made, and to fix the damage of what the Tories have done will take a long time, if you are expecting immediate miracles from a labour run council you will be very disappointed.





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