Friends of Turn Moss could go the legal route if plans by the council to rip up green belt land in Stretford are approved

Over a thousand objections have been lodged in response to controversial plans by Trafford Borough Council and ex footballer Gary Neville’s Salford City FC to build on Green Belt land at Turn Moss in Stretford.


The “Friends of Turn Moss” claim the planning application goes against the law and have today submitted an official legal challenge. This will give them the right to go to Judicial Review should the plans be approved.

They claim that the Council failed to properly consult local people on the plans before submitting the application; and that the plans breach legal and policy requirements for Green Belt Land.

Chair of the Friends group, Simon Howarth, said: “Trafford Council is both applicant and deciding planning authority in this case, but it does not appear to be acting impartially.”

Co-Chair, Nigel Woodcock stated: “The number of objections received by the Planning Committee is unparalleled, and we’re expecting another huge protest outside the Town Hall when the committee meets in April. With the community so galvanised confidence is high for a positive outcome. We are developing far better plans for Turn Moss than the shambles offered up so far.”

The deadline for objections is 28 March and the Trafford Council Planning Committee will announce their decision on 12 April 2018.




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