Partington residents anger over TFGM reducing there Local Link bus service

Partington is a small village around 8 miles south west of Central Manchester, public transport has always been an issue.

With only a few buses coming into and out of the village, an additional service called ‘Local Link’ was added and owned by TFGM, this service gave disabled people and all walks of life a taxi like service without the taxi costs.

In the past it had problems with communications between the call centre and drivers, this it seems have all been sorted out, now another and bigger issue is to hit those that rely on this valuable form of transport where the fleet of three buses will be reduced to two.

We contacted TFGM who were coy about the plans although confirmed changes will happen which is expected to happen on April 8th.

News4Trafford are completely against the changes that will impact many people more so those that are disabled who cannot use normal public transport, and will do all we can to stop these changes.

We have since contacted the mayor of Manchester Andy Burnham and await a response.

You can add your name to an official petition that has been started HERE


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  1. Between the cuts in our bus services and the peak time congestion on our one and only road it’s making a mockery of Himors claims that there new homes and businesses have “great transport links”. No point being only a few miles from the M60 if it takes 45 minutes to get there!


    • Hi Maggie, you raised good points, I hope you will be going to the second and final consultation event for the Linden/Laurus development on April 17th, very important everyone goes to this, they are listening.


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