Trafford Lib Dems launch local election campaign 2018 in Timperley

Last night March 26th the Trafford Liberal Democrats launched their local election campaign  for the upcoming local elections on 3rd May 2018.
Below is the ‘at a glance’ summary of the local election 2018 manifesto that was released yesterday:
  • Health & Social Care – A commitment to bring services back in-house, reducing health inequalities in the borough and making sure our care homes improve and exceed standards.
  • Transport – Creating a full plan to repair our local roads, a commitment to double length trams all day long through the borough and campaigning for improvement to rail services through Trafford.
  • Policing & Community – Refocusing our police back towards the communities they serve and refunding and developing effective youth services in Trafford once again.
  • Planning & Development – A commitment to brownfield and sustainable developments, raising the affordable housing requirement to 20% for developments over 16 units and reintroduction of local planning boards.
  • Environment – A continued focus to further develop our recycling, drive down air pollution and maintain and improve flood defenses through the borough.
  • Local Economy & Business – Returning services back in-house from One Trafford, ensure sustainable development and creating a plan of action to help local business through the Brexit storm ahead but ultimately campaign for an Exit from Brexit.
  • Education – A commitment to smaller class sizes, supporting local choice in Trafford and encouraging diversity and inclusion.
  • Democracy, Tax & Transparency – A commitment to a balanced budget in Trafford, local election proportional representation and an open and honest council.
You can read the full manifesto for yourself by clicking on the link – traffordlibdems.co.uk/manifesto

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