Gilmour House in Partington shuts its doors for the last time tomorrow

Your Housing Group Partington HQ on Wood Lane  will shut its doors for the last time to local people tomorrow at 5pm.

It means no one will be allowed in the building other than the in-house repair people Fix360 and staff who need to use the computers.

The troubled housing group are in retreat, they do not have any housing officers, a dreadful call centre where often people complain that calls are not answered or communication issues between them and the repair team.

We are told by a Your Housing Group spokesperson that residents can go to a surgery at the Parish Council, something we was unaware about, as a result we will be contacting the Parish Council about this.

The spokesperson for the housing group said: “We have found that more customers prefer to contact us via email, online and phone and running Gilmore House office is no longer providing customers with value for money.

“It will close tomorrow (March 29) at 5pm Fix360 remain in the building but will not be able to answer customers questions, we have displayed notices and posters at Gilmore House for our customers.”

What do you think? do you need that human interaction? or are you happy with email, online or the response phone line? our opinion is this change is simply weird! indeed we found it weird that they got rid of all the housing officers, this then might be a step too far for this often struggling housing group.


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  1. Do you know that a local office in Partington was a promise in the offer document given to tenants to vote on in 1996! The vote was in favour to transfer the homes from the ownership of Manchester City Council to Manchester & District Housing Association (later called Harvest Housing Group) under the terms of Large Scale Voluntary Transfer. The later merger of Harvest and Arena (Your Housing Group) happened without tenant consultation or a vote. This now means EVERY promise in the Offer Document has now been broken. Perhaps you could ask Manchester City Council what it intends to do as they have a lifetime interest in their original housing stock and tenants in Partington.


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