TFGM slash funding for Partington Local Link to give to Wythenshawe

Partington Local Link a valued and vital service for all residents who use it will soon be reduced to just two buses from three.

One driver we spoke with told us that the funding has been slashed in half and that money has now gone to Wythenshawe who will soon have 4 buses, although we cannot confirm at this time how many buses they have now or will have.

The driver who lives in Partington said he will now have to make the trek all the way to Wythenshawe just to keep hold of his job, meaning he will be out-of-pocket each week due to getting to and from work.

He also said that none of the political councillors are bothered about it,  if they even do know about it that is! and agreed that Partington has been under represented for decades and as a result more things are chopped and nothing gets done.

We have since contacted Andy Burnham and a Parish Councillor about what is going on, this cannot be fair, if funding has already been allocated to something it cannot be changed, this is not right at all, it is bad practice and leaves a bad taste in the mouth, knowing several people who use this service are disabled and cannot use public transport.

The driver told us that customers will see a much reduced service at the weekend as a result of these changes.

Although we have a driver’s opinions we need more from TFGM and they are telling us simply that residents will get a letter next week and not very much else.

We will keep everyone in the loop about what is going on and will try our hardest to reach a positive outcome for all.


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