Can we get cancer from drinking coffee? a judge in the US thinks so

A judge in California has ordered big named coffee outlets like Starbucks to have a cancer warning on every cup they sell due to a naturally occurring chemical called acrylamide.

The chemical occurs naturally in the baking process mostly found in food, however it is now shown that roasting of the coffee bean also produces large amounts of the chemical.

Acrylamide only occurs when something is baked or cooked at over 120c, so when you have chips make sure they do not over cook, or toast never have it burnt, even crisps can  contain high levels of acrylamide.

In tests it was shown that rats and mice once subject to the chemical developed cancer, it is still not known if it can do the same to a human, still the same no one is taking any chances.

It is not known at this time if coffee shops here in the UK will have the cancer warning.

You can find out more about acrylamide HERE


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