Man City agree a multi-million pound deal to partner with dating app Tinder

Manchester City agree to a multi-year million pound partnership with dating app Tinder

City played Liverpool at Anfield last night and was beaten 3-0 by the merseyside battlers in what was a bad game for the blues, although all is not completely lost as it was the first leg, the second will be at the Etihad very soon.

Even before the game last night the Manchester City team bus was attacked by yobs throwing everything at the bus and badly damaging it.

The link up with Tinder was a good one for both sides, Tinder is the worlds best dating app and without question at this time Manchester City are the best Premier League side.

It is the first time Tinder has been involved in sports sponsorship and they will now  pair up with all Manchester City teams including the MLS side in America.

Promoting the deal, Tinder sent up a gigantic blimp all in blue, the dating firm said it will change the colour from red to blue across all its social media channels.

Tinder logo will probably end up on Manchester City’s new kits coming in May.


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