Greater Manchester Marathon 2018 route and information

The Asics Greater Manchester Marathon is on this Sunday and here we have route information and a guide to what will be hopefully a very nice day for the runners and spectators.

The route map can be downloaded HERE

If you are running for the first time, this will be the biggest test of not only your fitness, it will test your willpower! your mental strength will be needed to get around the course and it is a long way!

Firstly I hope you have been long into your training for this, eating and drinking the right things more so from now! drink plenty of water up to and during the run.

We would suggest not to be running in new trainers as it takes time for your feet to adapt and who knows they may start rubbing, it is vital you wear a pair of trainers you can trust and support you, your socks will be also crucial, do not opt for cheap trainer socks, for this run you will need to spend a little more.

Your clothes will be important to, again we suggest using what you trust, what you wear for training.

It is a fact that keeping your head up looking at the horizon saves your energy by 10% keep your posture as you will then find it easier to not only get around the course but also to get a good time.

How you run is another important factor, low knee lift and small strides might be for you, this though will only make things worse, keep your toes up on contact with the ground, try to keep your knees as high as you can and have your arms going straight.

Using your arms swinging from left to right will cause you hip pain and slow you down, your body is trying to move one way and that is forward, try it! run with your arms swaying from side to side versus running with arms going straight and relaxed.

Watch out for the potholes and uneven surfaces, this year has to go down as one of the worst on record for Trafford, so keeping your toes up will help you stay on your feet.

We wish all competitors more so from all our clubs here in Trafford such as Sale Harriers Manchester and Trafford AC and we hope everyone has a great time watching the runners in what is a brilliant event held every year in Trafford.


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