Is your mobile phone snooping on you?

We love our mobile phones and other gadgets, and we spend a fortune on them, however once you have got everything set up just how you like it and downloaded all your favourite apps do you ever think just once why does an app need so much information for it to work?


Apps like Facebook and Twitter including many other apps want a mammoth amount of information, we have seen even the in-built apps wanting to manage phone calls and to call out!

When you get your camera app wanting to manage your calls and make phone calls then you have an issue, another handset wanted to manage calls and make calls from the Calendar app!

Most of these apps also want permissions that want to use your microphone and camera whilst in the background, let me tell you I have had several mobile phones that have been left at the side and suddenly come to life with a flash, and a Honor device I had actually called someone from my contacts list, this was proven although I am told nothing was said, the handset did ask for permissions to call out and it did!

The latest device in my line up is the Sony Xperia XA2 a super handset with a camera that is good enough to be my back up, even this is wanting permissions to manage phone book and ring out, although I denied this access it means I cannot use the Sony Lounge app.

This is not paranoia here, what I am saying is fact, and trusting these apps could cost you, in this day and age where ID theft is on the rise of course only to steal your money, it is right and proper you take the warnings or you could be the next victim.


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