Letter from TFGM about the local link bus service in Partington has caused some confusion

A letter read by News4Trafford that was sent to all the residents who use Local Link in Partington has caused some confusion, even to the drivers!

The service is a life line to many people, more so those who are disabled, it offers door to door service much like a taxi at a very cheap price.

Having seen the letter and looked at it in detail we can see why people are confused, TFGM who own Local Link said “The changes are being made to improve the service and to make sure that the people who need it most can use it. We also hope that the changes will prevent people being refused a place on booked up services”

They then go on to say “The service will also no longer be available in certain areas”  along with that change will be fixed daily times for morning trips and the service will then accept “Get me there” tickets


TFGM also noted that all Local Link trips do still need to be booked in advance including the destination.

There were no need to change this vital service, the drivers are as confused as ever, and Wythenshawe did not need another bus, Local Link in Partington was given £5m funding after it took over from PACT, it cannot be right that someone in TFGM decided to axe one of the buses and then give out a dreadful confusing letter to people who use it.

Having the 247 every half hour is a good thing for those who are not disabled, having that extra service on the 255 probably won’t do much for anyone, and the upgraded timetable for the number 5 service from Altrincham to Lymm and on to Warrington may help some people.

The 260 service will continue to ferry passengers from Partington to Sale, this is fine and TFGM get a thumbs up for this, however disabled people and the elderly not to mention kids who use the Local Link to get home safely will be hit the hardest.

We have not yet heard of any councillor from Trafford Labour or the parish council about these dreadful changes, or to provide local people the assurances that they are on to it and will try to get TFGM to change minds.



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