One Trafford need to fix the dangerous potholes before someone gets killed

With the accident in the Urmston area yesterday where a car flipped over with claims that a pothole caused it we are now warning the One Trafford Partnership that someone may get killed as the result of delays in tackling some of the boroughs dangerous potholes.

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For months we have been reporting of very deep and damaging potholes on Sinderland Lane, it took them around three months to get them repaired, some are so badly repaired cyclists are having to swerve around them, we see some more potholes have opened up on the country road since.

We got reports of a dangerous looking pothole in Sale Moor, having checked this out we can confirm this is one of the deepest potholes ever encountered although not as wide as some we have seen.

The offending pothole is on the roundabout just before One Stop Shop and have since reported it to One Trafford.

Another very dangerous pothole is on Northenden Road towards Sale Moor right in the bike lane! anyone with thin tyres better keep the speed down a little on this worn out road, Cherry Lane in Sale is another badly worn out road, in parts more so near the school the surface is all but cracked up and only time will see no tarmac on this bit of road.

Some roads have been treated properly, Woodhouse Lane going past Woodheys Park looks more like a grey innertube with a billion patches on it, although it is done proper, nothing sticking up here! perfect for cyclists, why can they not do this on all the roads?

We cannot blame the weather on One Trafford or the increased amount of cars on the road, however we can point our fingers when they do a bad job or in most cases take a long time to do anything, and this above all else is our frustration.


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