Canal pusher strikes in Stretford cyclists and other users warned to stay alert

We are getting reports that a male cyclist travelling down the Bridgewater Canal at around 9pm last night April 10th going through Stretford was pushed into the canal by a lone male.

The man who was pushed into the canal has said the attacker grabbed him of his bike with a headlock and threw him in, and even when he tried to climb back out of the water the attacker stamped on his feet, (for clarification this is what has been reported to us)

Luckily the male managed to fight him off and got out of the water and ran off to raise the alarm.

We have contacted Greater Manchester Police and await more information, as of now we suggest that cyclists do not go down the canal path at any part when it is dark, and be more alert even during the day.

In normal circumstances we get information first from GMP to make sure its factual, in this case we felt we had to run this story as it would have been irresponsible had we not done so.

GMP have come back to us and have not denied an incident occurred and once a report has been made we would get this, once we have this it will be published immediately.



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