Stretford Mall demolition imminent

As part of the Stretford Masterplan Stretford Mall is partly to be demolished and work is due to start at any time.

The part of the mall to be demolished is where the old market used to be and some sections of the front.

In its place will be an Eden Square type of shopping area, the pub will not be demolished under these new plans.

Over the road is to be a new BP petrol Station and other plans to create more housing and cycling infrastructure in the area, Stretford has long been a forgotten town, it should not be this way, and it is pleasing to see planners helping put life back into this area.

The mall has had its day and was in dire need of some redevelopment, to spark some life back into the place, many people though need this shopping centre, it makes good sense to us that it is to be given a face lift.

Although we question the pedestrian crossings that help people get to it! planners got that all wrong in our opinion, the better idea would have been to have traffic go under the A56 which would have left the current road and junction for pedestrians and cyclists, which would have not only been a safer option, but also a greener one.


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  1. In order to get people to use Stretford Mall in any sort of great numbers the owners of the Mall are going to have to attract big name shops. Because Tesco left just before last Christmas the place has been pretty dead, overall, since then. It will be interesting to see who they attract and what the redevelopment will look like.


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