Save Turn Moss Group in full voice outside the council

The planned protest by the Save Turn Moss group kicked off at 6pm and all was in fine voice, some of them came in fancy dress, it was a great protest.

Several people going past in cars shown support beeping their horns, and ribbons were placed on every tree with a ‘Save Turn Moss’ logo on it.

The group is protesting at plans by the council and ex footballer Gary Neville to build football pitches and other sports infrastructure for Salford City FC.

Having asked several people along the way, we can confirm most of the issues are with trust in the council, everyone agreed they did not trust the council, meaning that it is likely if the council gets its ways, they will then continue building on green belt land.

There is no benefit to the community in building this thing, instead we agree that a better option would be just to get the flooding sorted out and look after pitches 1 and 2, a new building could be built with changing rooms and function rooms, a nice cafe would do well during the summer months.

A new car park and cycle paths is another couple of things that could come about and sure would be welcomed, these ideas does not rip up green belt land and everyone would be happy….well other than Salford City FC.

Turn Moss is a special place, and holds many memories, the council must understand that by tearing this lovely bit of land up will be a very bad mistake and at a time when they need the support of the people, any decision against the residents would give Trafford Labour and Trafford Lib Dems the advantage in this years local elections held on May 3rd.


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