An estimated 90% of Chinese people are worried about being assaulted in Greater Manchester

We have been told by an insider and a member of the Chinese community that they feel very worried about being assaulted in Greater Manchester.

The person we spoke with told us she thought 90% of Chinese people feel intimidated just walking around even going home they are worried about being attacked, she goes on to tell us that some of her friends have already been attacked and felt police offered no protection.

This was shocking, that the Chinese community feels this way, they feel that because they are a small community most of these guys attacking them know that they have little back up.

Police can only do so much with the limited resources available to them since this irresponsible Tory government have created an ‘American’ style situation where the criminals become the power and attack everything since they know they will mostly get away with a crime.

It is true though some people do not report incidents, and it is important they do, police will come that is guaranteed.

We want the Chinese community to know the majority of people in Greater Manchester respects them and are part of our communities all over the city.

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