Partington remains in good shape despite recent troubles

For many years Partington has become a much better place to live, work and play, it got rid of its past bad image and finally the place started to look brighter again, sadly of late the area has had a few issues and has become a little more regular than we would like.

We know and have reported on several things in the past, some sketchy information has come about, for example we know that an elderly person was robbed in broad daylight in Partington, on this occasion and luckily police saw what happened and gave chase, the offender dropped everything and was returned back to the victim, he or she was not harmed in the incident that occurred last week.

A bin was hacked down next to a bus stop on Wood Lane, this vandalism will cause more rubbish problems in that area as people will just drop their litter.

Fly tipping is also starting to seep back in, we saw a very big chair dumped on Wood Lane it was also blocking the path.

We reported that a guy had hold of a gun near to Tulip Road recently, how police did not catch this guy is incredible since they did their best to get him, even using the force helicopter,

Gangs of kids seen near to the shopping centre is problematic, although we all feel for them since the Tories have taken everything away from them, that would be the same for every ward in the borough.

The people that are supposed to represent you (political people) are doing nothing, it is them that needs to get Partington back on its feet, we want them also to get the housing group and hold them to account for shutting the doors on the residents that keep them in business, we want them to make sure all concerns are addressed in the area, to listen to everyone and do what they can to help them.

Talking in groups is fine, doing something about issues is something else, its that people need the something else, or sadly we will see Partington slip down the plughole again, it is not the same in other parts of Trafford, Partington has unique problems and these can be sorted out with the right support, and it needs it as soon as possible.



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